Standard Rooms

Check into one of these compact-sized rooms, dressed with comfortably sized beds, mood lighting and premium amenities. The attached bathrooms come with sleek fittings. Private balconies open out into the lush Kumaon Valley. Sink into the simple chairs. This is your happy place.

Deluxe Rooms

These spacious rooms feature king-sized beds, plush linen, built-in wardrobes and modern light fixtures. A separate nook near the large windows has a pair of chairs where you can enjoy a steaming cup of tea in the morning. Curl up and be a bookworm. Or just daydream about moving to the mountains.


The Suites feature two king-size beds and can easily accommodate a family with two children or even a group of four adults. Spend lazy evenings here when you prefer the privacy of your own quarters. Some rooms have a flight of steps leading to a second bedroom or a tiny attic on the next level, where the young ones can retreat to concoct Hogwarth-like fairytales.

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